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Applicants for St. Louis Community College may apply as a:

Some applicants have special requirements: 

Admission Classifications

   degree-seeking applicant 

A degree-seeking (regular) student's goal is to enroll for 1-18 credit hours during the fall or spring semester, 12 hours for summer and includes:

  • Wanting to work toward an associate degree, certificate of proficiency or certificate of specialization
  • Applying for financial aid, Veterans benefits or A+ program
  • Participating in intercollegiate athletics
  • Applying as an international student on a student visa

To apply as a degree-seeking student:

  • Submit an application for admission.
  • Send official transcripts from high school and/or colleges attended to the Registrar's office. If applicable, submit GED or HISET test scores. High school transcripts or GED scores are not required if a student has 15 or more hours of transferable college credit.
  • Complete the Compass test.

   non-degree-seeking applicant

A non-degree-seeking (general) student's goal is to enroll for 1-18 credit hours during the fall or spring semester, 12 hours for summer, but does not include:

  • Working toward an associate degree, certificate of proficiency or certificate of specialization
  • Applying for financial aid, Veterans benefits or A+ program
  • Participating in intercollegiate athletics
  • Applying as an international student on a student visa

A non-degree seeking student may apply for degree-seeking status at a later time and credits earned as a non-degree-seeking student may later be applied toward a degree or a certificate if the courses taken are part of the program requirements.

To apply as a non-degree-seeking student:

  • Submit an application for admission.
  • Provide additional documents upon request.
  • Complete the Compass test.

   Dual Enrollment Applicant

Dual Enrollment gives high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to get ahead by allowing them to take classes at St. Louis Community College.

To apply for Dual Enrollment:

  1. Print out and complete all areas of the application.
  2. Submit a copy of your high school transcript.
  3. Adhere to all prerequisite requirements, including but not limited to acceptable ACT/SAT scores or previous college coursework to waive the assessment test. If assessment testing is required, the Dual Enrollment application must be on file before testing.
  4. Schedule an appointment for enrollment/registration eligibility interview.
  5. Call:
    1. Florissant Valley: 314-513-4482
    2. Forest Park: 314-644-9125
    3. Meramec: 314-984-7601
    4. Wildwood: 636-422-2000
    5. South County Education and University Center:
  6. Maintain a college and high school cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher to remain eligible for the program.

Download the Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment brochure and application now!

   Visiting Non-Degree-seeking Applicant

Visiting non-degree students should complete an admission application, even if you have attended St. Louis Community College in the past. Once admitted be sure to:

  • Contact the Enrollment Services office to see if your test scores
    and/or transcripts are on file.
  • Check with an academic advisor if you have questions
    regarding course selection and prerequisites.
  • Check with your college or university advisor to determine
    transferability to your institution if appropriate.

Appropriate test scores, transcripts and current college or university schedules are used to determine placement in college level courses. You must document having met course prerequisites before registering. In some cases, unofficial transcripts, report cards, current schedules may be used by advisors to verify prerequisite completion.

   Former St. Louis Community College Student Applicant

Former students not enrolled during the preceding semester may re-enroll by submitting an application for readmission to the Enrollment Services office prior to registration. Depending on courses previously completed, re-enrolling students may be required to take the COMPASS test. For more information, contact the Enrollment Services office. NOTE: Files for students who have not attended St. Louis Community College within five years will be destroyed; however, recorded grades earned at St. Louis Community College will be retained. Students may be required to resubmit applicable transcripts from high school as well as colleges or universities.

   Non-High school Graduate and non-Traditional high school graduate Applicant

Applicants for admission who have not graduated from high school, or have completed a home schooling or other education course of study that is not accredited by a state board of education or by one of the accrediting agencies listed in the International Registry of Accredited School are eligible for admission under general status provided they are at least 17 years of age.

To apply for degree-seeking status, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Provide official high school transcripts
  • Meet the Federal “ability-to-benefit” test scores on the
    college’s placement test, or
  • Complete six credit hours of college level (100 level or above)
    coursework with a “C” or better in each course

Under extenuating circumstances, applicants who do not meet the above criteria may be considered for admission by the administrator responsible for admissions.

   Undocumented Resident Applicant

Undocumented students with a US high school transcript will be admitted to St. Louis Community College and will be eligible to pay out of state maintenance fees. Please review this additional information for more details.

   International Student Applicant

International students who wish to come to the United States under an educational visa, or who are already in the United Stated under visas that would allow educational pursuits may be admitted to the college. Applicants must meet minimum English language, educational, financial and health insurance requirements specified by the college. Click here for additional information. Applicants should contact the Enrollment Services office with any questions.

   Non-Native English Speakers Applicant

After submitting an application, applicants who speak English as a second language must take the standardized ESL placement test, complete a writing sample and have a personal interview. Contact the Assessment Center to schedule an appointment.


St. Louis Community College is a leader in lifelong learning. In responding to the educational needs of the St. Louis metropolitan area, St. Louis Community College Continuing Education has evolved into a leader in the delivery of high-quality educational programs. We offer the following non-credit programs and services.

  • Personal Development courses -- Pursue your interest in art, languages, hobbies, fitness, finance and more.
  • Professional Development courses -- STLCC provides up-to-date training in a variety of areas, including computer and technical programs, career development, food service and more.
  • Career Certification preparation -- STLCC offers opportunities to prepare for professional certification in a wide variety of areas including Certified National Pharmaceutical Representative, Home Inspection Certificate, Multimedia Design Certificate, Graphic Design Certificate and many more.

To register for Continuing Education classes, please go to the Continuing Education registration information page. There is no admissions process required.