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NBS-Payment Plan

St. Louis Community College offers a simple, secure and easy way to spread your maintenance fees (tuition) over a period of time with an NBS-Payment Plan. The payment plan is offered by Nelnet Business Solutions and is available for fall and spring semesters. 

You are responsible for payment upon registration. You must drop the class before the term starts to avoid responsibility for payment of fees.

If you register for a class after the payment due date then payment is due at time of registration.


  • Automatic Payment Plan
    • Spread out the payment of your fees over monthly installments
  • The Deferred Pending Aid Payment Plan is no longer available


  • Easy online enrollment
  • Flexible payment options – the sooner you sign up, the more months you have to pay
  • No interest or finance charges assessed – the payment plan is not a loan program
  • No credit check


  • Must be registered for credit courses at STLCC
  • Must have a term balance of $100 or more


  • $21 enrollment fee per semester
  • $30 nonrefundable fee if a payment is returned


  • Automatic bank payment (ACH)
    • ACH payments are those payments you have authorized NBS to process directly with your financial institution. It is simply a bank-to-bank transfer of funds that you have pre-approved for your maintenance fees at St. Louis Community College.
    • Payments may be made from either your checking or savings account.
  • Credit card
    • Your monthly payment will be automatically charged to the credit card you designate.


  • Student ID# as assigned by St. Louis Community College.
  • Name, address and e-mail address of the person responsible for making the payments.
  • Account information for the person responsible for payment.
  • If paying by automatic bank payments(ACH), you will need the bank name, telephone number, account number, and bank routing number. Most of this information is located on your check.
  • If paying by credit card, you will need the credit card number and expiration date.
  • To protect your privacy you will need to create your own unique access code. Be sure it is something you can easily remember.


Note: you can get a preview of the steps described below by opening this document.

  1. Log into Banner Self-Service using your MySTLCC ID and secure password.
  2. Click on the NBS-Payment Plan tab at the top of the page.
  3. Click on the NBS-Payment Plan logo graphic.
  4. Under Registration Term in the Select a Term window, select Credit for the next semester, then click on Submit.
  5. Click on the NBS-Payment Plan logo graphic to go directly to the enrollment form.
  6. Read all instructions and follow steps to complete your payment plan agreement.
    1. Before you click the Submit button, please read through the Final Review and the Terms and Conditions carefully.  An immediate email will be sent confirming enrollment through NBS-Payment Plan.

Automatic Payment Plan   

How the Automatic Payment Plan Works

  • A $21 enrollment fee and required down payment (if applicable) are processed IMMEDIATELY upon enrolling in the Automatic Payment Plan.
  • Payment is processed AUTOMATICALLY on the fifth of each month.
  • If your payment on the fifth of the month is not successful, it will be re-attempted on the 20th of the month.
  • Your payments will continue to be processed until the balance owed is paid in full.
  • The student is responsible for all class fees incurred and payments will be deducted according to the payment agreement.

Target dates to Enroll (10th payment Date)

Last Day
to Sign-up
Down Payment
Number of
Months of
Dec. 7 0% 4 Dec. 10 - Mar 10
Dec. 29 25% 3 Jan. 10 - Mar 10
Feb 1 40% 2 Feb. 10 - Mar 10
Feb. 1** 20% 2 Feb. 10 - Mar 10
Mar. 1 50% 1 Mar. 10 only

Target dates to Enroll (20th Payment Date)

Last Day
to Sign-up
Down Payment
Number of
Months of
Dec. 18 0% 4 Dec. 20 - Mar 20
Jan. 10 25% 3 Jan. 10 - Mar 20
Feb. 1 40% 2 Feb. 10 - Mar 20
Feb. 1** 20% 2 Feb. 10 - Mar 20
Mar. 1 50% 1 Mar 20 only

** Recommended for financial aid students

Contact Information

If you have questions regarding the payment plan, please call the Student Accounts department at 314-539-5276. You may also call the campus cashier:

  • Florissant Valley
  • Forest Park
  • Meramec
  • Wildwood

To make changes to your address, phone or banking information, call Nelnet Business Solutions 800-609-8056.

If you have questions regarding your Nelnet Business Solutions payment plan agreement, contact NBS directly or view your agreement online. To access your information, follow the instructions located on the NBS confirmation notification or e-mail.