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What is the placement test?
The entry assessment is a series of tests in reading, sentence skills, and mathematics. These tests are completed, in a proctored setting, on a personal computer. You will read the instructions and questions on the computer screen and mark your answers using the mouse. You do not have to be experienced in using computers to complete this test. A staff member at your testing location will help you get started and be available to answer questions as you work through the tests.

What is the purpose of the placement test?
The test provides you essential information about your skill levels in reading, writing and mathematics. Your scores will indicate whether you are ready for college-level studies or need to take one or more preparatory courses. Since your test results will help determine your initial course placements, you should complete the placement test to the best of your ability. After testing, you and your academic advisor or counselor will discuss your results and build your course schedule. Placement in the appropriate courses will help ensure your success at St. Louis Community College.

Am I required take the placement test?
The test is required of all students unless academic credentials are submitted that qualify students to take such courses without testing.  STLCC may waive all or part of the entry assessment if students provide written documentation of one of the following:

  • A college transcript or grade report documenting successful completion (with a grade of "C" or higher) of reading, writing or mathematics course prerequisites;
  • A college degree from an accredited institution; 
  • An ACT score earned within the last three years documenting:
    • A reading score of 18 or higher to waive the reading test
    • An English score of 18 or higher to waive the writing test 
    • A math score of 22 or above to waive the math test;
  • An SAT score earned within the last three years documenting:
    • A critical reading score of 500 or above to waive the reading and writing tests
    • A math score of 580 or above to waive the math test.

In addition, some selective admission programs may require additional assessment exams or skills tests.

If you cannot document that you have met the alternative assessment criteria noted above, you will be required to take the appropriate placement test(s).

How can I prepare for the test?

  1. Learn about the test. Information about the placement test is available online. and provides valuable information regarding the parts that make up the test, the order in which the parts are administered, the number of items in each part or test, the tests content and item types, and the computer-adaptive mode of test delivery. Read this information carefully.
  2. Once you know what to expect, take time to practice.  Study materials are available to provide you a description and sample items for each part of the test. 
  3. When you come for testing, arrive on time, bring picture identification (a student I.D., passport, or driver's license is acceptable), and allow yourself two hours to complete the test. Pen and scratch paper will be provided. A calculator will be made available on-screen for selected items. Hand-held calculators are not permitted.
  4. Finally, use the tutorial to your advantage. When you arrive to test, you may access a computer tutorial. This tutorial will permit you to try out the computer's functions (e.g., the mouse, the scroll bar) that you will need to use during the test. You may spend as much time as you need to become familiar and comfortable with the computer before you begin testing. Do not start until you are ready.

How long does the placement test take?
Although the test is untimed, most students are able to complete the test in two hours.

When will I receive my test results?
At most campus locations, you will receive your results immediately after completing the test.

What if I have a documented disability and need special services for testing?
If you have a disability that requires an accommodation other than extended testing time, register with the ACCESS office at the campus of your choice prior to testing. Documentation will be required.

I think I can do better on the placement test, can I take the test again?
Yes, Students are encouraged to use the online practice test material and wait a minimum of 24 hours before repeating any section of the placement test. Improving your scores can save you time and money by testing into a higher level course.

Is there a limit on retesting?
Any portion of the placement test (Math, Reading and English) can be repeated twice in calendar year.

Is there a cost to retest?
A $10 fee is charged for each retesting session. The fee must be paid to the Cashiers office and the receipt provided to the Assessment Center before a retesting session. 

Can I retest once I've started my English, math or reading classes?
Written permission from the department chair is required to retest after your class has begun.