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Archer Orientation FAQs

Frequently Asked quetions:


Is Archer Orientation the same as New Student Orientation?
Yes. We've recently renamed New Student Orientation to Archer Orientation.

Why should I attend Archer Orientation?
Studies show students who attend orientation experience more success in college. The orientation sessions are delivered by successful student leaders and designed to provide you with valuable information while giving you an opportunity to connect with staff, faculty, and other students. This session will get you ready for your first day of class, explain resources and services, where to park, how to get a student ID, and more.

Does Archer Orientation cost anything?
Archer Orientation is free for students. Parents and family members and other guests who attend Parent and Family Orientation are also free.

Is Archer Orientation Mandatory?
While it is not mandatory, students who attend Archer Orientation have higher grade point averages in their first year at STLCC and are more likely to complete their STLCC goals. We highly recommend that you attend Archer Orientation.

How long is Archer Orientation?
Archer Orientation is approximately three hours long.

Do I need to sign up for Archer Orientation?
Yes, you need to register in advance. Register online or by calling:

  • Florissant Valley: 314-513-4553
  • Forest Park: 314-644-9735
  • Meramec: 314-984-7641
  • Wildwood: 636-422-2005

I am a local student or my family member is an employee of STLCC, why should I attend Archer Orientation?
While we realize that you may be familiar with our campuses, Archer Orientation is about so much more! In fact, we spend very little time focusing on the physical layout of campus. Archer Orientation offers you the opportunity to make connections with other new students and current students from across the country, so you start school with friendships already forming. Archer Orientation also gives you the opportunity to meet faculty and staff who are there to support you throughout your college experience. Archer Orientation brings together various offices that you need to work with in order to complete the enrollment process. It exposes you to the support services in place to help you succeed. It educates your family on the transitions you will be facing as a college student and how they can best support you. And last, but certainly not least, Archer Orientation gets the entire family excited about becoming Archers!

How do I arrange for accessibility needs?
St. Louis Community College is committed to providing access and reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities. We can also help if English is not your first language. If you have accommodation needs, please contact a campus life representative listed below. Make sure to contact the representative associated with the campus you'll be visiting for Archer Orientation within two working days of your scheduled orientation with any accommodation needs.

Florissant Valley Forest Park Meramec Wildwood
Dwayne Morgan Donivan Foster Phillip Campbell Stephanie Graham
314-513-4323 314-951-9886 314-984-7641 636-422-2244
SCEUC Harrison Center
Kathy Pritchard Amber Howlett
314-984-7200 314-763-6000

What do I need to bring to Archer Orientation?
Bring your student ID number and a photo ID. If you want assistance locating your classes, bring your class schedule. If you need to purchase textbooks or pay fees, bring a form of payment. And, of course, bring your questions!

Do I need to attend a New Student Registration Workshop before I attend Archer Orientation?
Yes. To register for classes you must attend a New Student Registration Workshop prior to attending New Student Orientation. To setup a time/make a reservation for a New Student Registration Workshop, visit the New Student Registration Workshop page.

What is the difference between the New Student Registration Workshop and Archer Orientation?
During New Student Registration Workshops, you meet one-on-one with an academic advisor who can assist you with course selection, academic planning, and course registration for the upcoming semester.

At New Student Orientation, you will learn about ways to get involved on campus and meet fellow students. We will help you find your classrooms, speak with faculty and staff members, and get your STLCC OneCard and books, as needed.

Do I need to take the placement test before I attend New Student Orientation?
Yes. It is important that you complete placement testing prior to attending New Student Orientation (and New Student Registration Workshop). If you haven't, please follow the steps found here.

I want to take all my classes at Meramec Campus, can I attend New Student Orientation at another campus?
Yes. We offer orientation sessions at all campuses of St. Louis Community College. You may attend orientation at any campus, even if you intend to take classes at another campus.