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Joanna Rowe

Meramec Was the Right Place for 18-Year-Old Graduate

Joanna Rowe

Joanna Rowe is mature beyond her years.

Home-schooled as a youngster, Rowe began attending Lorain County (Ohio) Community College at the tender age of 16 in pursuit of an associate's degree. Following a family move to St. Louis in 2005, Rowe sought an institution at which she could complete that associate's degree. During her extensive research of colleges in the area, people told her that the instructors at Meramec provided experience beyond the textbook. Meramec proved to be a perfect fit for the self-motivated Rowe.

While attending Meramec, Rowe had a principle role in three theatrical productions and served as a supplemental instruction leader. SI leaders are presented as model students of particular subjects - they attend classes, take notes, read assigned material and meet with other students in the class three or more times a week to discuss and answer questions about course material and key concepts.

In May, Rowe, now 18, earned her associate's degree in general transfer studies as well as a merit scholarship to Indiana University in Bloomington, where she has been admitted to the honors program and will study theater and business.

She described her experiences and courses taken at Meramec as irreplaceable. "I was able to explore my own strengths and weaknesses, develop the courage to embrace my passion for the theater, and be exposed to leadership in the community around me," she said. "I felt empowered and will take that empowerment with me to IU. The teachers and the overall attitude of students at Meramec gave me the opportunity to discover myself."