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Human Subjects Review Board


Pursuant to the National Research Act and other related federal regulations, an Institutional Review Board is a board established by institutions to review projects or proposals involving research with human participants. The Institutional Review Board at St. Louis Community College is known as the Human Subjects Review Board (HSRB). The HSRB is required to review all research involving human subjects prior to the conducting of any research.

The federal regulations governing the use of human participants in research are located on the internet at http://www.hhs.gov/ohrp/humansubjects/guidance/45cfr46.html.

To meet the HSRB’s responsibility to protect human subjects, the HSRB uses the following procedures to oversee all human subject-related research projects at STLCC:

  • Review applications for approval or denial of a research project
  • Conduct regular reviews of the ongoing research projects that have been approved
  • Review requests for approval to changes in a previously approved research project
  • Resolve any appeals from decisions
  • Suspend or terminate previously approved projects

Additionally, if a question arises as to whether the project is defined as research or some other assessment tool, the HSRB is the body to make that determination. The HSRB may also offer advice on safeguarding the rights and welfare of human subjects as part of its approval.

HSRB Members:

Administrative Contact:
Greg Works, HSRB Co-chair
Institutional Research and Planning

HSRB Members
Name Location Phone
Vicky Dean SIUE (external) 618-650-5296
Julie Fickas Meramec 314-984-7711
Kennard Jones Cosand Center 314-539-5129
Dianne Lee Corp. College 314-644-9308
Afzal Lodhi Wildwood 636-422-2201
Margaret Tyler Florissant Valley 314-513-4108
Daphne Walker-Thoth Cosand Center 314-539-5476
Joe Wilson Forest Park 314-644-9299
Greg Works (Co-chair) Cosand Center 314-539-5384

Information for Researchers:

The purpose of STLCC’s HSRB is only to determine if proposed research at STLCC meets appropriate human subjects protection. The HSRB does not assume the role of evaluating the soundness of the proposed research study, the merits of the research design nor the potential contribution of the research to the scholarly literature. The HSRB cannot provide or guarantee any support or permission from STLCC administration, departments, or individuals regarding proposals reviewed. The burden for acquiring any permission or resources related to completing an HSRB approved proposal is solely on the principal investigator(s).

Steps in HSRB process:

  1. Determine appropriate level of review needed. The OHRP has produced this chart to help determine the appropriate level of review for different types of research. If you need additional assistance determine the appropriate application contact the HSRB administrative contact person or another HSRB member.
  2. Read the Principal Investigator Manual and appropriate guidelines. Submit application materials to the HSRB administrative contact listed above (Greg Works). Incomplete applications or applications missing required documentation will not the reviewed. Information about required documentation is included in the applications. The following is a list of guidelines, applications and other application-related documents.
    1. Guidelines for Exempt Research
    2. Guidelines for Expedited Research
  3. Wait for HSRB response before beginning any research activities. HSRB response time can vary depending on level of review required.
  4. File any necessary follow-up paperwork or progress reports. This may include requests for additional information or updated information regarding research staff. You will receive information about required follow-up in your HSRB approval letter. Annual progress reports are required.
  5. If a research project continues beyond one year approval for continuance must be obtained.

HSRB Documents: