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Board of Trustees

Six of St. Louis Community College's board members represent the four subdistricts of the college service area and are elected periodically by district voters for staggered six-year terms.

Beginning in April of 2016, legislation was passed directing the Coordinating Board for Higher Education to appoint a seventh trustee to the St. Louis Community College District. The appointed trustee receives the same rights as other members of the Board of Trustees. The appointee is sworn in for a six-year term at the first regular Board meeting following the April General Municipal Election.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for approving the appointment, retention and dismissal of employees of the college, approving employee compensation, defining and assigning employees' powers and duties, levying such taxes as are required for the operation of the college, establishing fees for students in the amount necessary to maintain college courses, providing instructional programs and services and physical facilities, approving all contracts, formulating and overseeing disciplinary policy regarding students, and complying with all applicable federal, state, and local mandates.

Consistent with these responsibilities, the board functions as the policy-making body exercising overview of administrative functions delegated to the chancellor, selecting, appointing, and evaluating the chancellor of the college, providing ways and means for obtaining adequate financial support, electing to hear appeals of employees as outlined in applicable grievance procedures, hearing members of the public, staff and students at regular board meetings, and approving the annual budget.

Craig H. Larson
Subdistrict 4
Trustee Doris Graham
Doris Graham
Subdistrict 1

Libby Fitzgerald
Subdistrict 4
Kevin Martin
Kevin M. Martin

Subdistrict 1

Pam Ross
Pam Ross
Subdistrict 2

Trustee Joan McGivney
Joan McGivney

Subdistrict 3
Rodney Gee
Rodney Gee

State Appointee
Vice Chair